Developing a Style

I admire the submitters at Dreamstime who have committed to developing their art and skill. I often look at other people's work and try to learn from it. Unfortunately, this cuts into my productivity but fortunately, when I do learn a new technique I can hardly wait to try it out. Ultimately, this ends up diversifying my portfolio to the point where I'm not sure if I have much of a distinctive personal brand. I still feel like I'm constructing the right combination of photography and illustration to demonstrate my skills. Or am I navel gazing way too much?

When so much of the world is a vertical market, it is easy to believe that developing a distinctive body of work and sticking to it is the best way to capitalize on the micro-stock market. It is certainly one way of driving traffic to your portfolio. For example, you could become the best easter illustrator or the go-to person for zoo animals... and thereby build your own brand. But I also wonder if it's advantageous in micro-stock to be that linear. Do you think we have buyers that are going to remember our branding?

Photo credits: Destinyvispro.

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I tend to wonder about my own work in the same way. At times, I think I should focus more on a particular style, but my tastes are so eclectic. It seems to be more a matter of balance. And thanks, Creativei, for the input from a buyer's perspective. It's helpful.
And Destinyvispro, I like the Christ illustrations and the wind power illustration as well. Those stand out to me. I think sometimes a style can emerge in even a diverse body of work simply because of the personality of the photographer / illustrator.


I think you have the right idea, there is a balance of photos that sell well, and illustrations that are doing very well, there is style if it is selling, it means the buyers appreciate your style, good luck and many more.


Creativei, thanks for the reply and encouragement. It's great to hear from designers who utilize the site. Your comments are very useful.

Macdaddy - Thanks for the compliment. It's appreciated.


Well friend, I do download lots of image for the company I work, our company has account in DT and other few sites. We never remember any photographer, nor we search by photographer, for us we need good images, as per our theme and concept, which fits in we download. You have nice portfolio


Thanks for the encouragement Irisangel. You're one of those illustrators who has a definite style and I can see that it works for you. :)


I think you have a great portfolio. I would recommend that you just keep on doing what you are doing, variety and quality is what buyers will remember.

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