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Hello, hello, hello!

Recently did –ód a breadboard model of ancient stereo speakers, for this purpose has finished shooting ancient loudspeakers. Look, suddenly for someone are necessary.

Old loudspeaker

On dreamstime such type of loudspeakers precisely is not present. I searched for such loudspeakers and on the Internet - too have not found.

I very much regret, that I can not show a column - did under the exclusive order.

Characteristics of loudspeakers.

The country the manufacturer - the USSR.

Year of release - 1980.

Impedance - 8 Ohm.

Power - 2 Watts.

Membrane paper, the case is covered with a blanket of zinc from corrosion.

If the picture will be useful to someone - I shall be very glad:)

Photo credits: Tokomag.
  • Tokomag
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