Till this November, I have uploaded 103 photographs.

Especially in October, I have uploaded 41 photographs, which is 39.81% of the total. And in the November, the amount was 18 which was 17.48% of total.

Till this November, 40 pictures were sold.

14 photographs among of them sold in October, in November the amount up to 21. it’s 35.00% and 52.50% of total sold.

Till November, I got 37.76 U.S.Dollars (not including other income) by my photographs.

9.53USD from October and 21.96USD from November. November increase of 130.43% than October.

In order to "subscription" price to sell 7 among the 14 pictures by sold in October. And 5 by 1 credit, each one by 2 credits and 6 credits.

In order to "subscription" price to sell 11 among the 21 pictures by sold in November. And 1 by 2credit, 3 by 2 credit, 1 by 3 credit,1 by 5 credit,2 by 6 credit,1 by 12 credit.

Review October and November, I saw the raise of awareness of my photos, more and more friends keep interesting to my photos, I believe that my photos would be more popular.

Photo credits: Bo Li.


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February 01, 2010


快 快 挣 钱 ... (:-

December 04, 2009


thank chucky.

December 03, 2009



December 03, 2009


thank everyone.it's very interesting.

December 02, 2009


Interesting stats. I find the more you upload, the more you sell relatively. Months of slow uploads, often are months of slow sales. Dunno if this is acroos the board, or just coincidence with me.

Well done on your sales.

December 01, 2009


You're doing great! Keep it up :0)

December 01, 2009


You're growing fast here! Excellent! keep uploading ;)

December 01, 2009


fantastic result, well done :)

December 01, 2009


Great improvement between Oct and Nov. I am sure your profits will continue to climb as said before your PF is looking really good, keep them coming and you will see results.

December 01, 2009


great photos.keep uploading

December 01, 2009


Interesting statistics, Joe! Your photos are great!

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