Diary of a microstock photographer

Well Today after receiving the super news that 2 of my photos has been accepted i decided to start a little day by day (almost), diary on how my adventure in the microstock photography world goes...

Im planning to go to Romania this coming thursday, hoping to get some nice shot to upload here....

Ill keep u posted ( keep u?...who ever ,ever, reads this:))


update: so they hardly accepted another image...slowly slowly ...counting 3... yup!!:P

Photo credits: Driveyourkitty.

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wow...all of you are so encouraging, thanks so much really...and thanks for all your feed back, Im sure i can deliver better work thanks to sharing ideas and suggestions with u ppl . So grazie grazie grazie:P


Update : I have up till now proposed 20 something images, some of the more darkish ,hard shadowed ones hv been rejected, i guess are not really made for the stock market, well i will slownly understand what works best... Departing in 5 hrs to rome and getting the evening plane to Bucarest around 8 ish...
thanks again for yr words, take care all of u, and never stop shooting:P


Indredible images!! Welcome to DT and keep the good work!!


Welcome to dreamstime!!! Great shots, gorgeous model! I wish you much success.


Welcom to DT. Your first three photos are technically great. You obviously know lighting. One suggestion for you is to leave more space around your models. Cropping so tight limits the use of the photos. Leaving more space gives designers more options. Wishing you continued success.


Yes you are right, you are going to Transilvania. If you want to "hunt" for Dracula portrait, you must go to Bran Castle (near Brasov). Here is a photo of Bran castle made by Achilles: https://www.dreamstime.com/bran-castle-romania-rimage5167153-resi902269
And here is what Wikipedia can tell you about Dracula's Castle:
P.S. Don't forget to bring some garlic whit you :)


Thanks for the suggestion....I hope to have the time to do so...Im staying there for easter ,ll be bk nxt tuesday.... ill try to visit as many places as i possibly can...
maybe i get a portrait photo of dracula...im going to transilavania right? :))



You should try also Sibiu, it's near Brasov, and was the Culture Capital of Europe, an old town whit a lot of historical landmarks.
Most of my pictures are from Switzerland but I have 3 from Romania (Valiug Dam and Alba Iulia's Cathedral)


thanks brother....i hope all the best to you too...right now im not too lucky with submissions, lots of rejects....but sometimes i love to think that who checks the files must be kinda of drunk....:))
great work btw:))


Grazie Asyan:)) Love all your outdoors/landscaping work...is that Romania? Ill depart 2rw afternoon for bucarest and moving direction Brasov , Fagaras ....im sure im gonna like it:)))


Great photos & wish you many sales :)


First, great shoots, second welcome to Dreamstime :). Third, but not the last, hope you will enjoy your stay in Romania as much as i do.


Hey super thanks !!...:)))

Coming from you is such a great compliment:))


Hi welcome to DT. Your first three images are fantastic, I think your images are of great sales potential. You must give them a try. Best of luck.


Great Images, I checked ur site, all those images can easily make it DT, good luck


Your first two photos are great!

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