Diary of a microstock photographer - part 2

so Two big news ...1st of all I did sell 3 of my pictures , so thanks so much to whoever bought them, u didnt make me rich but you surely made my day:)))

2nd : I have just come back from my little but intense trip to Romania.

Wow people, Romania is beautiful, greatly enjoyed it.

I stayed 4 days in the Transilvania area, Dracula and friends ground:))

The Bran castle is pretty cool, but I aspected it to be in someways dfferent, probably too much dreaming about it, but overall very impressive :)

Most definetly the best two cities i hv been in are Brasov and Sibiu... wow big squares ,huge cathedrals interesting and fascinating old buildings and very nice people.

Each corner in these cities hides a surprising scene that you really want to frame.

I loved The Brancoveanu Monastery - Sambata de Sus - located on the valley of Sambata river surronded by woods and snown mountains and lots of peace:)

Eatingwise the food was fantastic, i became a fan of ciorba (soups) made in different ways, super yummi:)) and plates made out of porc,lamb , beef and chicken meat, of which i liked the most tocanita de pui/beef (something like little pieces of chicken or beef stewed)

I took around 700 pics and I'd have never stoped taking photos. Too much to see and frame.

Most definetly loved Romania and I will go back there asap. Beautiful places ,great people fascinating culture i would definetly suggest to all of you to go there. Ill try to upload some pics..

Planning some testing this end of the week..cant wait:)

well hugs and photoshoots to everyone


Photo credits: Serban Enache, Emicristea.

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Ciao Paola,grazie :)) love your illustrations btw.... U definetly should , especially now that we hv so many cheap airlines flying all over Europe....


I would like to go to Romania..in the furure, thanks for advice and good luck with your photos Driveyourkitty (?)!


Hey Tangie ,I would love to go in all those places , surely would. Thanks so much for the suggestions. Unfortunally I didnt have so much days to c as much as i really wanted to, but I am surely going back there this coming summer and I will definetly follow yr suggestions...as it is right now Im already incredibly glad to have had the chance to come across so much beauty and culture . Great experience:)))
thanks ,grazie ,multimesc for your feedback:))


:) If I am not too bold, I would recommend visiting Cluj-Napoca because the city is similar to Sibiu :). If you are into traditional stuff, you must see the Northern parts of Moldavia and even Transylvania. I suggest Maramures because the traditions and old folk customs are still kept there. Timisoara in the west of the country is also beautiful and the Banat area is nice. Hunedoara is a bit industrial but you can see another interesting castle there: Castelul lui Matei Corvin :). People in this area are famous cooks but it depends on the restaurant in which you land :) Maybe make sure you arrange with someone to stay in a Bed and Breakfast with some locals for 2 days at least. This way, maybe you get lucky to taste the what they cook :). The south is not that interesting and as much as I hate to say this, I do not particularly recommend Bucharest :(.


Ciao Asyan:)

Yep Romania was super cool....Im choosing the best photos, some of them portray people in their every day living so Ill probably upload them only on my on construction web site....
Nxt time Ill be probably going in another area of Romania...its so big and fascinating that deserves at least 3 months of traveling there to appreciated it in full...




Congratulation for the first 3 sales.
I'm glad that you enjoy the trip in Romania...I'm waitting to see the pictures online.

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