Diary of a microstock photographer - part 3

Well today is another beautiful day. Its sunny here in Sardinia. New pics are up on DT.

Im still working at the Romania photos , planning to upload some of them here on DT and on my web site ( will i ever finish it? I can be so lazy sometime)

Today I bought few props for some testing: lollypops, cheap sunglasses in different shapes , and some seasonal fruits...

hopefully ill be able to play with some friends to get some decent photos (practice will make me a better photographer....hopefully):))

Hope all of u ar having a great day..

digital hugs and sharp lenses to all of u:)p

p.s: i really need to buy some good lenses, mine sux big time:)

Photo credits: Driveyourkitty.

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your pictures are just beautiful and so are your models if this is achieved with poor lenses congratulations.


I just bought an L series lens from amazon sooooo looking forward to receiving it!! :))

you've got lovely photos !!


Good lens are hard to come by ... stick with the same manufacturer of the digital body, they usually make corrections to the lens needed to support the body.


the models makeup . models i would call more friends which please me to get better images while playing together,has been done by Cristina Orjendovici,and i do believe she does a great job.. But i work to who ever wants to work with me really...so lets say there are fews i work with and are all good and anyways we grow together to get better:))....thats what i believe.



i can give u mine if u give me yrs im sure yrs are better:P
I noticed u use nikon and thats great news for me:))p


Thanks so much mate, u r so encouraging as usual....it makes me so happy u like some of my work...grazissimo:)


I agree, very nice images, may I ask who does your models make up they do a very good job?


Yeah, okay, you do need good lenses if you get shots like these...LOL
Can I have your old ones???


Thats a great image, wow man, your images are a thrill to watch. keep uploading

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