Diary of a microstock photographer - part 4

Victory, Yeah

Here I am... My first month on Dreamstime and up till now it has been a great experience..3 sales 41 pictures up..I couldnt believe someone might be interested in my work but..Ive got some little sales:))))..Loving the feeling of giving some exposure to my work, even if I know Im still a kiddo trying to learn from all the good photographers here on DT how to deliver better and more sellable photos.

Up till now I need to say the staff of DT has been very helpful, and to tell you the truth each image refusal is making me understand better the limits of my work and helps me to look at it from a more realistic perspective.

Moreover I am so thankful to all the ppl that commented my work and gave me so much encouragement to carry on....

I am working full time monday to saturday...so sometimes it is not easy uploading and controlling/checking the propper keywording ,while producing good and interesting photographic work, but I am trying my best to cut out from a whole bunch of errands a little slide of time to dedicate to photography...I do dream 1 day Ill be able to live only of photography and thats what Im focusing on.

Well I better go bk to real life ...needa be to work in 3 hours:))

Thanks so much for reading...and all the best to all of u....


Photo credits: Jie Xu.
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Thanks mate...doing my best....annoying friends and little agencies to get going with some kind of decent work...Most importantly I am super glad to have crazy people around that helps me in my stupid photographic ideas and projects...I cant wait to get some summer holidays to work more convincely to my ideas....


wow, doing well, there, im about at the month mark now but only got 7 online and 1 download (of a lemming!!!).

granted i do have my A-levels next week...


Sure Andrea, we will someday. Might drop in to Italy one day never know. Anyways have fun with photography


Altaf as always u can make my day with your encouraging words:))
Thanks so much mate.....hope 1 day we can hv a drink somewhere and have a propper chat:)
Tk great care:)))


as I always I say your work is fantastic, I love your work and just dream that I could click some pictures like you.


Your models are all extremely beautiful and your talent in photography shall surly lead you to a successful career! Good wishes always! Cheers.


thank u 4 the good vibe dude!!!


Grazie Silvia.....happy u like it:))


I believe you will have a future in this field ;)
Keep up the good work... Saluti


Hey thanks so much my dear friend...well ,working on sat sux, but give us some "food":)) Hopefully 1 day we are going to make enough money through our photography work:)




Wish you all the luck! Nice portfolio BTW :) Ciao!


Hi from another working on sat! :) Great article! It was interesting to read it! And keep up the good work! As I said before I like your style!