Diary of a microstock photographer - part 5

© Jefras

Well people...it has been such a hard time for me , the last month have been working like crazy...almost like there is no tomorrow:))

No time for me to take and/or upload any picture...

But thankfully ,all the bad/harsh times have an end...yeppy yeee

So this week i finally managed to realize some new photos that I am going to submit for review in these coming days....Summer is knocking and I feel super energetic and solar:))

Dreamstime and all the crew has been doing a fantastic job, 'cuz hey!! I even got some sales...and thats super good and makes me so happy....I might start believing more in my work:))

I hope everyone is doing well and having a great time while enjoying the beginning of this hopefully ( i believe it will be) incredibly beautiful summer.

Tk care all of you and keep it sharp:))

Btw : tx for reading:P

Photo credits: Joao Estevao Andrade De Freitas.

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I was wandering where did you go :)...now I'm glad that you are back.
Wish you more beautiful girls to shoot :)


As I refered in my last Blog I started a new job, so I'm not having time to rest even as I have to read some info-sheets at home!
But I confess I can't resist not to pass by DT everyday even for few minutes :))
Take Care


Good to hear that you hard time is over and your back to shooting and uploading, I'm just a week away to start shooting and uploading. Believe me two months I haven't uploaded a single image. But DT kept knocking on my door, and reminding me with sales, wake up shoot and upload and leave rest to us.

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