I found mine here.

Found it with Google Images search.

The picture was taken at early summer this year.

I was trying compose a different picture of sunflowers (where we usually confront it head on and facing the camera).

The day before, I had a conversation with my daughters and they excitedly declared that sunflowers tracks the sun during the day, having discussed it with their friends in school.

I dont have the heart to tell them that actually its not true, and it is a misconception, so I just pretend I dont have the slightest idea the sunflower follows the sun.

While trying to figure out how to shoot the sunflowers, I remembered the conversation with my daughters and decided the misconception was actually a good idea and proceeded to compose the above shot to give impression as if the sunflowers were actually tracking sun.

My daughters were very happy when I showed them the picture and told me this proved what they think was really true. Their facial expressions was priceless to say the least.

Looks like I have to include this misconception with that thing about Santa Claus in my ever expanding list of HAVE-TO-TELL-THEM-THE-TRUTH-WHEN-THEY-GROW-UP.


Cheers all.

Photo credits: Akulamatiau.

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September 05, 2011


egomesta and Mariaam: Thanks both!

September 05, 2011


i have found many of my images using googlo and tineye.... Great images congratulations.

September 05, 2011


Great photo! I also like to use the Google Images search. Congrats!!!

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