When did you have the first digital camera

I had the first digital camera in 2003,It's Minolta A1.Though it is not DSLR,but I was attracted by its beautiful appearance.

Digital camera

Digital camera

I have been an adherent of Minolta all the time.I had already had Minolta X-700 and Minolta 7 in the past,I like its pleasant color very much.

Digital camera lens

Digital camera lens

Digital camera

But it's a pity it has already been replaced by SONY now ....

The cat image was shot with Minolta A1.

Yellow cat.

Photo credits: Linqong.
  • Linqong
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It's nikon-5700.it is not DSLR.

Hi,Hot99:)Me too, my first digital camera is not DSLR.


I had my first digital camera in 2004.It's nikon-5700.it is not DSLR.


Had a Kodak P&S back in 1999, but it definitely had its limits :) Somehow I managed with an 8MB flash card! My first real digital camera was a Canon Rebel in 2005.


Hi Savcoco.
I know the Benq DC 1300,A small and exquisite and lovely DC.


My first digital camera I purchased in february 2003, a Benq DC 1300 (1 mp), still working as webcam!:)


Thanks a lot for everyone:)


I purchased my first digital camera in September 2006. It's a Sony CyberShot DSC-W70 that takes pictures at up to 7.2 megapixels. It has a Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens.


oo back in 2002 - an hp which broke down after 6 months .. !? was replaced by a nikon though so I didn't grumble really



I had it in 2003, Canon Powershot A510


I had my first digital camera in 2006, it was nikon.