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Although DT's interface is incredibly user friendly and the blogs and message boards are full of information, some things are not always obvious to the newbies. Here are some of the things I've picked along the way and wish I'd known before. They work for me, but you might get a different experience of course:

The keyword "girl" is broadly used and often depicts pretty sexy girls. When uploading a little girl's picture, I discovered that using the word "child" rather than girl in the title will give better search results, especially if sorted by relevancy, and sales. The word girl should be there of course, but I think it's better to insert it in the key words and the photo description than in the title. FYI the search "girl" brings nearly 1m images, versus 320,000 images for the search "child".

Titles are extremely important, as they seem to be the number one factor when sorting by relevancy. Titles should be brief, descriptive and precise. I initially called this photo "Feeling Light" and I still like this title as it fits well the picture. However, I soon discovered that the automatic translator thought this title meant photographic light rather than a weightless experience. I had the weirdest translations in French, Italian and German. I renamed my photo Pregnant Woman Swimming which I find much more boring than Feeling Light; however, my image earnings report indicates that the buyers looked for the word pregnant when buying my picture and the translations are more accurate, giving my picture more chances to be found.

© Chaoss
Finally one thing I learnt today regarding the blogs (thanks Petar). Although there is no Save Draft command as such on the blog page, if you press Preview Article after having inserted at least one image and 5 tags, your blog will be saved but will not be published until you actually press the Publish Article Command.

Photo credits: Chaoss, Rozenn Leard.

Your article must be written in English



Gives me some good guidance when keywording, thanks!


That's right, both words should definitely be used in the keywords; selecting the keywords for the title is the tricky part.


Thats some useful hints.
But using the words child and girl will not cause any harm I suppose.


nice article and great tips! Thanks for sharing!


Glad you liked it, Jianbinglee!


Good blog!thanks!


You're welcome!


Great tips thanks :)


@Jms91164 Good luck with your posts. There is no clear recipe for success or we would all be successful but take photos you like taking, it will show, spend some time browsing the site and looking at what sells and what does not, work hard on your keywords and come back to them regularly, promote your portfolio through the various tools at disposal, such as collections, blogs, threads (read the rules), when your pictures get rejected, read carefully the editors comments and try to solve the issues and resubmit if you can fix them.


I just started posting pictures any help is greatly appreciated. I am hoping this sight works well for me. I enjoy taking lots of nature pictures. How do you get people interested in pictures?


Glad to be of able to return a bit of the help I always find here in the blogs!


Good one.


Thanks Roserdarc


Good advice for anyone just starting out. Good luck with sales.


Great article and very useful!Wish you a great day!


Thanks for sharing , great information.


Certainly keywords & titles are so important... Many previous blogs & message boards have discussed these issues, but it's always good to remind the newbies also! Thanks for sharing ;)

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