Did your model get paid?

After great efforts of asking my colleague to sign the MR, I successfully uploaded my first MR image.

It's quite a tough task for me to get the model release.

I found there are many successful MR images in DT and wondered whether the model get paid from the images?

I often feel awkward to ask friends to be my model. On the other hand, I think it a gamble if I hire the professional model, at least for me, I have no idea whether my images of portrait could earn $ or not.

Photo credits: Wayne Zhou.

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Creativei: Thank you for your suggestion, so far I have no other digital gears except for a Nikon D40, it's only 6MP. I'm watching some items of Phase digital back for my Hasselblad on Ebay, Maybe I can buy sonething in a lower price cause now we are in the economic crisis. :)


One suggestion, let the uploading image be of higher res, like 15 to 25 MP, which is got higher sales value, I just saw ur model image its great but its just 6MP, so try to upload better MP as it sells, I'm telling this coz I work for a publication company and I also download many images.


Bodo011: Thanks for your advice, you have 40 models! It's my dreams! I'll work hard on this field.


Rebeccaosborn: Thanks for your comments, I've forward your words to her, hope she could go further on the way of being a professional model.
I have noticed your portfolio before, I think I should learn more from you, expecting for more of your comments to my images.


Littledesire: Thanks for your encouragement on me as well as my model, :), I've forward your words to her, she's excited to crazy, she told me she will try to be a professional model, maybe several months later, I should pay her to shoot her portrait. :)


Thanks everyone.
Mildegard: Yes, I think I should start with my friends, if I could go further in the techniques, I also hope I could afford to hire the professional ones, which might in some way keep the quality of my photos.


Hello, I have more than 40 models and I have never paid one.They are all my family and friends.Dont feel awkward to ask friends to be your models,just tell them that it is their chance to have beautiful photos of themselves and as you start once and people see how wonderful your photos are they will call you to be your models, again and again!
Go for it!


i agree, a great photo there in this blog and she looks pretty!! I have never paid my models, i have 4 models in my portfolio, one is my husband, 2 of the girls are my sisters and my friend. I give them a copy of the photos to say thanks for letting me use them!


Your model looks nice! You should do more photos with her. You already have a signed MR from here, so you don't have to ask her again. I have only one photo with MR, too. It's my fiance but he doesn't like to take photos of him :).


I agree with you that being an amateur photographer one cannot say if his photos will be bought ever. So he/she cannot hire professional models for sure. Asking a friend to be your model is a good idea then (friends are helping each other, don't they?), or you can post some photos of yourself like I did.

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