The difference a genuine expression can make

When I work with models for stock photography, it always feels the most successful when the model gives a genuine expression. I like to try to make my models laugh if I want them to smile. With kids you have to be really quick if you want a real smile because they usually have a fake smile or get out of control laughing. But that is the part of my job that I love the most, having fun and playing around and still making an honest days work.

Photo credits: Acesarek.

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Thank you!


you have lots of nice portaits in your portfolio, i agree that the natural expressions are sometimes the best but the hardest to capture. Good luck!


It's the valuable talent to make models feel comfortable and express themselves naturally. Keep up your good work. Best wishes!


I also prefer to look at, and if I was purchasing, to purchase images that look more natural. Not as easy to capture once the subject knows the camera is on them (kids in particular) but well worth the effort if you can snap them at the right moment.

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