Different approach at stock photography

When my wife noticed that Dreamstime agency, where I was selling images taken with my Canon powershot (yes, my first 20-30 images accepted were taken with a point and shoot! After that, only Nikon reflex) she decided to take part in the game too.

Not for the money, just for idea that her images could be seen all around the world (and maybe also bought). That was for her something worth to experience. For myself the input was the idea to try to make a living out of it (selling stock photo), for her is a just like a nice, pleasant game.

The advantage of taking it (stock photography) a bit less 'seriously' is that you are kind of mentally 'free' to experiment and create. Yes, she has more crazy artistic view than myself, and I should never ever try to make change her mind.

This is her way to enjoy it and deserve respect. Yes, maybe I'm going to sell more images, but she will have lots of satisfactions too. And maybe she has a brighter future as fine art photographer... .-)

Photo credits: Raja Rc.

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August 28, 2007


We have an intuition you guys will never understand. :) ;)

August 28, 2007


I like the idea of getting paid to take pictures, but what I really do this for is to share my images with the world.

August 28, 2007


My wife did the same thing. She really likes the idea of having her pictures in here and she is so excited about this. Doesn't really care about selling but to have her images approved and seen by others.

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