Through a different looking glass... or just new glass...

Hi everyone.

With every new item purchased for your camera, a new system or lesson is learned.

Whether its learning about camera shake with super-mega-ultra zoom lenses, what positions mean what on a circular polarising filter. All these lessons are not necessarily due to lack of knowledge in the first place, but more so, getting the feel and hang of them.

© Kantti

Very recently i have gotten my hands on what seems to be a wonderful piece of glass perfection known as a Sigma 105mm F2.6 1:1 Macro Lens.

*** Please note i know some people may not consider that lens to be the bee's knees even on noob trials they are coming our awesome ***

Going from the packaged EFS and Zoom lenses from Canon (which are now getting a bit on in years) to new macro glass was always going to be interesting. First of all the whole 'whats a zoom button' concept forced myself to carefully consider where i was to stand. Any person with half an idea for photography will tell you that positioning is 1/2 of compsition, but making it 100% creates new challenges.

Personally ive found my first tests to be somewhat less than flattering. Im sure any one here will definately agree that good lighting is a must for these sorts of lenses. the AF can hunt for a good length of time, and short of bumping up the ISO to grain-zilla proportions perfect sharp images are going to be spoiled by motion blur.

Is this a bad thing i ask?

I personally think not. If you dont consider or prepare for lighting and composition and the like, then getting your images accepted let alone sold will be nigh on impossible (to say the least).

So what am i going to do then?

Well as this was a preliminary test as such, finding out what is doable and what isnt was going to be a priority. Knowing just how much light is good light, and what F-Stop is needed for what DoF etc will make image taking a much smoother process.

So as you can imagine im having an absolute blast =)

Morale to the story?

Dont be afraid to embrace new ideas, concepts, processes. And most definately dont limit yourself to whats easy. Whats the point of life if its easy???

Can anyone else share an experience of learing a new tool? Doesnt need to be on the camera, can be workflow, post processing etc. I would love to hear your stories!

For any interested in seeing the first round of tests (non macro subjects) feel free to visit my flickr page link

Photo credits: Kantti.


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