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As photographers we walk about looking at the world from a more artistic point of view. As stock photographers our view can be more varied. We see possibilities in scenes that most photographers pass by without a second glance. The problem is most of us look at our visions from one point of view...eye level. I have been guilty of this more thank I care to admit to.

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What if we try looking at things from a different perspective? Change our point of view.

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Both of these images were taken while I was standing at the same spot. For the second image I set the camera on one of the railroad ties and photographed the same scene. A wider angle view gives the viewer the ant's view of the world.

As artists in the digital media, we need to explore all the perspectives that form our "point of view" of the world. Explore each scene or subject, moving in for details, or just seeing it from a different angle. Keep an open mind an open imagination for that fresh perspective.

Photo credits: David Coleman.

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Nice reminder, sometimes we forget :)


Thank you all for your comments. Makes me feel like someone is listening. And thanks to my big sister! Never thought of myself as an inspiration! Lol.


Thanks little brother! You always inspire me to look at things differently. I will definitely try this on my next outing.


useful article :)


Very helpful. Thank you.


perfectly demonstrated - will think about it nx. time I'm taking a pic


Beautiful Photos! Great Advise! Thank You!


Thanks fpr the positive feedback. I'm happy to hear yyou learned something Gauravjdp2014. And thank you for the comment Deming9120.


Great perspectives!! Both images are unique in their own ways!!!
Keep up the great work :)


wow..the second image is actually great image cause it is covering the whole scene of that place with right point of view..I Learned something from this post.

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