Different points of view

We have got used to many normal things in our daily life,but ignore their beauty. This year’s Spring Festival I went back to my hometown and shot some pictures around me, but at a different time and under a different situation with a careful consideration and i got some pictures much more beautiful.

Ancient Gallery in the fog

Pack Ice along China's Bohai Sea

Ancient pavilion in the fog

Ancient pavilion in the fog

Ancient pavilion in the fog

Photo credits: Zyyillusion.
  • Zyyillusion

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April 13, 2013

Very nice images. You did a wonderful job with the fog!


April 12, 2013

Beautiful images!!


April 12, 2013

Wow, your images are amazing.


April 12, 2013

It is beautiful!


April 11, 2013

thank you all. and i will share more pictures with all of you. but the pending files still need 1000 hours to review.


April 11, 2013

Great images. Photography does certainly open our eyes and make us more aware of the changing scenery around us.


April 11, 2013

Really nice images, good luck.


April 11, 2013

Very nice images!!! Good luck with sales.


April 11, 2013

These are beautiful images, especially Black and White ones!