Different software have different quality images

Hello, everyone! I do not know which software are you use to adjust your raw files, I used adobe bridge to adjust them at the beforetime. But recently, I used the phase one to adjust raw files. Now, I will talk about my feelings of use for everyone.

First, the software uses hardware resources more than adobe, specifically what kind of hardware resources is the best, I have not made an assessment, but on the same computer, it is indeed up and running slower than adobe.

Second, it is easy to use than adobe, if your raw files is nothing wrong with the technically , then use its default settings on the basic, No problem. Of course, a good photographer is not satisfied with mechanical or electronic devices are given the results, so always used some adjustments in order to allow more perfect picture.

Third, capture one very simple to use, if your screen is large enough, and the resolution is high enough, then all of the buttons will appear on the screen, click the button to make some adjustments is very convenient and glance. If the screen is not the case, some buttons will be hidden, to use less convenient. But it is still very easy! Because it also presupposes a number of picture styles, such as the HDR style. You simply use the mouse to select a different style, then get different styles of images.

Fourth, you can use the mouse to choose the save format very easely, jpg, tiff 8 bit or 16-bit, dng format, etc. Moreover, using the same format to save pictures, capture one received the picture file size much larger than adobe bridge, about more than 30% probably much higher. This is means, using capture one got pictures, details much richer than adobe bridge. This is true, with two kinds of software to be in the same format, easy to find that capture one get the picture even more beautiful.

By the way, if you like shot online, caputure one is a good choice too.

Photo credits: Liu Baohua.

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February 08, 2010


I am used to use photoshop.Caputure one is a good software ,but need time to familiar. sure

January 17, 2010


I am used to use photoshop.Caputure one is a good software ,but need time to familiar.

January 14, 2010


goo article.Thank you for sharing these
I prefer the photoshop.

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