A different Zoom

I wanted to take a macro picture of a Christmas tinsel garland, made from a special material, and the auto focusing was not able to give me the desired level of clarity. But, as I think that each one of you stepped through this “revealing” process, you may consider this as my formal

If it were a natural non-directional light the picture would have come out unclear and blurred, but because of the light of the flash which was reflected at a very small distance (less than 5 cm) I was able to see a wonderful image, as a carpet of pentagon shaped sparkles.

Each one of the sparkles uses a different frequency of the light spectrum that depends on the angle in which the light falls over the reflected object. Depending on the focusing range, I am able to obtain a series of pictures full of rainbow sparkles, until perfectly white pictures. Than I realized that I am actually entering into a different spectrum of knowledge.

Some esoteric sciences say that this may be the astral layer of reality and each and every light sparkle is a spirit. They say that we can also see their level of evolution by the color they project: from red to violet, red being the less evolved ones and violet the most evolved ones. But as you can also see white ones, I may say that those have reached their highest level of love and purity. Going even deeper we may see in each sparkle various concentric spherical levels, which are most visible on the brighter colors, obtained as they overcome spiritual trials.

Now I have the biggest picture ever: the universe or the cosmos as the black that absorbs everything; than I have the middle level of reality which is the surrounding material reality that we are able to see with our normal vision; and I have the smallest picture ever, with the perfect clarity and purity, which is the etheric white.

Photo credits: Arsenestefania.

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