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I'm now 25 years old and half of my life (since 12) I'm with camera in hands. The process of seeing the picture and finally taking it is something, that can't be divided from my life. But... for all these many years I was thinking of beauty or value of the moment that I try to stop, but some other aspects were not covered by me.

In august 2012 I met a friend, who was doing stock photos and registered. It turned out that things are not so simple: some photos are not needed, some - require release and other do not satisfy quality requirements. Since august - I have only 57 pictures online, but I wanted to have more.

I try to take more pictures specially forstock and there are more difficulties. I like to cook, but to take such photoes I need new dishes, some light and enough ttime to postprocessing.

Does it look like moaning? Maybe, but all this is exciting! The whole new world, that opens with each new photo done and many positive emotions in case of acceptance.

There are two proplem points for me: light, which is insufficient without special equipment and noise, that occurs when there is not enough light.

I hope to make better and better pictures and wait for the time, when some of them will sell.

Photo credits: Elena Andreeva.

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January 24, 2013


You have to work harder. The problem with stock photos is that they are nothing like artistic photos. I always have problems with noise...i love noise in photos but it seems that stock does not love it
Good luck and keep working!

January 24, 2013


I have had a camera in my hands off and on for 50 years. I am still learning, and when you stop learning how to produce better photographs....brick wall time.
You will overcome you immediate photographic difficulties with time and experience. Good Luck!

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