Today I would like to talk about a problem and ask your reflections about possible solutions.

The problem is the memory. The memory of us, our today. How will today be remembered in the future?

Which evidences of today will survive until the next 20 or 40 years?

As technology evolves, others become obsolete and forgotten.

Some days ago, the last factory stopped manufacturing VCRs.

How many millions of VHS tapes are out there with so much content about the world? In 40 years time almost VCRs have disappeared and those tapes cannot be played again.

And who says VCRs, says CDs, DVDs, USB sticks etc.

And all those millions of emails and blogs written and the photos published every day? What will happen "when" (yes it is a matter of when) the hosting companies closes or deletes the website due to user's inactivity?

And when the smartphone is broken and all films and pics get lost.

Experts say that in 20 years there will be few memories about how was this start of millennium, because the data will be eroded.

How can one make the memory more persistent ?

There are options, one of them is to publish a book and there are several possibilities in the field of self publishing.

Machines to print photos are available at shopping centers.

Backup technology exists, we just need to make people aware to use it.

There are devices to convert VCR to DVD.

What do you think ? What are you doing to preserve your memories ?

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Photo credits: Luis Gil.