Digital Art Tutorial: Overview Of My Digital Painting Process

This article summarizes my personal digital painting technique using Corel Painter and Photoshop.

Dionysus (Feb 2010)

1. Initial sketch. Image

2. Defining overlapping layers with flat colors. Image

3. Fleshing out 3D shapes and designating colors in isolation. Image

4. Adding the background basics to establish shading and environment colors. Image

5. Adding hilights and shadows to the background. Image

6. Adding more elements to the composition. Image

7. Fleshing out the remaining basic elements. Image

8. Adding details and accessories to each element. Image

9. Rendering the final lighting and fine details. Image

10. Adding the final touches to the composition. Image

11. Enhancing the environment with Photoshop (tinting, depth of field and vignetting.) Image

12. Finished version with final touch ups applied.

Copyright 2010 Aaron Rutten. All Rights Reserved.

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Photo credits: Aaron Rutten.

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May 17, 2010


You do fantastic work! Great blog :)

May 03, 2010


Awesome! Good luck in sales!

May 03, 2010


Your work is so impressive. Thanks for mapping out the steps for those of us who are curious but not talented artists.

May 02, 2010


To answer your question. This piece took about 30 hours. I worked on it over the course of a month, so I always lose track of the exact time involved.

May 02, 2010


Thanks for the awesome feedback, everyone! I'll constantly be adding more tutorials and artwork for you to enjoy.

I finished a Cloud Painting tutorial, which I'll be adding to DT in a few days. You can preview it on my website at:

May 02, 2010


Fantastic, very creative and talented, well done :)

May 02, 2010


Wow! Hard work! And well done. Thanks for sharing this!

May 02, 2010


Wow!! how many hours !!

May 01, 2010


Wow... amazing process to obtain your great images, thanks for sharing, this way we can admire even more your work.

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