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I keep eying SLR like digital cameras since it's been ages that I've done photography, but the digital prices keep dropping. Well, that and I no longer have access to a dark room nor do I have the space to put one in my house ;-) I've seen some wonderful work here, and I can't remember the last time I saw a film shot (on here). Times are a'changing, eh?

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Another thing I love about digital is shooting in RAW. With a RAW image, we can adjust the white balance, noise grain, color balance, color saturation, contrast, etc at a much more detailed level verses working with a TIFF or JPG scanned image.


Absolutely! I used to be all about film and nothing else. But, then processing film got expensive, especially as I began to take more and more pictures per session. That was the main reason I made the jump to digital photography. In order to obtain a picture as fine as a great film image, I had to pay good money, but it was well worth it! The camera I choose actually creates a finer image than the film I was using! With a digital camera, we can shoot as many pictures as we like, and only pay for the exact images we would like to see in film print. I have already earned my money back, and then some! I also have more room on my bookcase now, now that I'm not adding as many prints to photo albums! I did have to shell out about $800 for a large, external harddrive to hold all of my digital images, but again, well worth it! Digital photos are easier to send via email, or upload without having to worry about film grain and dust and scratches on the film or scanner. I still have my favorites printed for keeping in photo albums. :) And, when people want copies of pictures from family events and such, I can burn a CD with all of the images for the price of about 50 cents, verses the costs of having all of those film prints run!

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