Digital Workflow - Olympus Cameras

After a few months of being in one place in Colombia I've been on the road again for a little while now. I was expecting my next blog to be about southern Colombia - but actually nothing that exciting happened, (except maybe the wheel of the bus falling off while in motion). Instead of great weather for photography, I've had more than my fair share of dull cloud covered days, so I used some of my time to put together an article about my digital work-flow.

Part 1 deals with what to me is the most important part of photography - the time when you're actually out taking the image, and covers:

- raw -vs- JPG

- shooting modes


- Metering

- Aperture

- "Noise Reduction" (or dark frame subtraction)

- Auto-focus

The It is specific to the camera I use - an Olympus E30, so will obviously be most relevant to those who use Olympus cameras.

Part I - Image Capture

Subsequent sections are almost ready, and will cover raw software, and post processing, and use these images from Ipailes in Colombia, and Ibarra in Ecuador as samples for comparing the software.

Photo credits: Holger Mette.

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July 22, 2009


Hi,Holger Mette,
thank you for your experience.I am an Olympus fans too.and I join the DT recently.

July 22, 2009


Hi, Holger Mette! It is a very good blog for fans of E-system! Be sure i tell my friends about it;)). I want to share their discovery. Since I have been using E-system, we found a strange thing: I have e-420 (10 megapixel). So, when you open pictures via Photoshop, or make a shot in the JPEG - the file size will be equal 3648x2736 (9,980928 megapixels). But when I open the RAW (. ORF) in the free program XNView - the file size will be equal 3720x2800 (10,416000 megapixels)!!! At first I thought that XNView just stretches the picture, but turned out that the photo is indeed more! Surprise!

July 21, 2009


Good advice on the squat toilet. Thanks for sharing your tips :0)

July 21, 2009


Believe me, I had a BIG imaginations (as always) while reading it! :)))

July 21, 2009


Haha thanks! Actually that's a quite popular article - it could probably use a few more photos for illustration, but I thought it would be wise to leave some things to the imagination!

July 21, 2009


I don't know how ... but I found myself reading very carefully your advices :)))))

July 21, 2009


Hey welcome back, great photos.
Cheers ;)

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