Digitize old 35mm slides and negative film

Many of us vintage photographers have those old negative films and 35mm slides that need to be projected on to a wall or white screen hidden away in boxes and cupboards never to see the light of day again!

Or can they?

Yes! Why not bring some of those old format types of film into the 21st digital century!

Vintage sepia morris minors

Those old slides or negatives of family parties, camping holidays, grandad's old cars and long departed relatives can be digitized and viewed on your computer and magic worked on them using photoshop.

Vintage volkswagen touring club

There are many specialised scanners that will do the job, or a standard flatbed scanner that can be used to scan these old format film types...just remember that the scanner glass and film will need to be cleaned with the appropriate film cleaner so that any dust particles are removed before scanning, this will improve the overall quality of the final image and less clone stamping will be needed to remove unwanted particles in post-processing suites such as photoshop.

Set the scanner resolution to a high setting for good quality images.

The slides can also be projected onto a white screen and photographs taken of them using a good quality high resolution digital camera and then loaded onto your computer.

You could also photograph directly from the slide if good lighting is used and if your camera has a macro setting or can handle close-up shots!

Avro lancaster bomber and hawker hurricane

For negatives, most image processing programs will have an 'invert' function that will reverse it from negative to positive, if not, you could try to scan in the usual way and use photoshop to invert negative to a positive image.

Sopwith camel vintage triplane

There are many companies that can scan old negatives and slides, but it's worth checking out several different companies as pricing differs between them.

It is certainly worth giving it a go yourself...try scanning a few first and see what results you get...it's a fun way to have a trip down memory lane and digitally save some of those old favourites from the past.

Vintage sepia olds classic car

Once you have them digitized on the computer, you can then transfer them onto a memory stick or cd for backup.

Photo credits: Photodynamx.

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April 03, 2019


It's nice to know these old slides and prints can be given a second chance with all this digital technology!

April 02, 2019


I spent six months pulling photos out of albums, scouring through boxes, scanning hundreds of photos and then compiling all of my wildlife photography from the film days into a photo book. Being mostly scans of 4x6 prints, there wasn't much there that qualifies for stock, but it made a wonderful trip down memory lane and preserving all the animals and places I photographed in the late 1990's up to 2007 when I got my first digital. Well worth it! Thanks for writing!

April 02, 2019


Well done Tim!

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