having uploaded a number of pictures recently i was at first over the moon to have two of them downloaded within the first month, but that feeling was short lived when i realised that all i made from these two sales at maximum resolution was $0.70. can anyone please tell me should i expect every buyer who downloads my pictures to be a subscription holder and therefore paying peanuts for all my hard work, i now feel like its an impossible dream to ever make any proper money from my work, i,m hoping somebody will tell me that i,ve just been unfortunate with my first two sales and in time things will average themselves out.

Photo credits: Mark Jenkinson.

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was feeling a little dispondent when i posted my comments, just wanted to say thankyou for the encouraging words. this is all new to me and i,m learning as i go, dont suppose you have any suggestions , in the way of sites, thankyou.


hey.. i know what you are feeling all too well! I hope that you sales pick up a bit as you build your portfolio. Another thnig to do also, is to not only use the stock site, but put your pics on others also, this of course will increase your chances of more sales from all your hard work!

Good luck


I love your illustrations! Keep uploading and the sales will come. With such a small portfolio, 3 sales in a month is good. As far as subscription sales, My average is 2or 3 out of 10 sales is a sub. My advice is get some more of your illustrations uploaded. You have to look at this business like a musician looks at record sales. They never make what a song is worth all at once, they get royalties for each time the song is purchased. Good luck and welcome to DT.


I agree with billysiew - I'm over the moon when one of my pics get chosen and downloaded from the millions out there .. :)


perhaps your expectations may be a bit high. there are very few photographers that make "proper" money in stock photography (and when i say few, i mean like less than 100 in the entire world). the business has significantly changed during the past decade, particularly with the internet.
i agree with billysiew, realize that someone liked your pictured and be proud of that. if you think you are going to make more than $100 per month then you don't know the stock business.


Don't worry Mark better days are coming... It's DT
BTW you have lovely collection! Cheers :)


I got the same feeling before. But let's think positively, someone like your pictures and imagine it has been chosen from tons of pictures, we should be feel proud and happy. isn't it?


Things average out for sure. It is pretty close to 50/50 for me - and the non subscriptions can be quite a bit higher per sale...

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