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Hi, I'm a bit longer than 4 years on Dreamstime, and began to receive comments about old pictures with zero sales. If you don't know yet, what it's about, I explain: to keep the database clear, DT offers to disable, re-keyword on paid basis or donate for free the images which were not sold for the period of 4 years. You have 30 days to take desicion after such a note.

I think, it's a good idea to delete what is not in demand and give way to fresh works.

When I began to check the pictures I have to delete, sometimes I was even happy to get rid of them, because not everything which I liked 4 years ago, I find good today. But sometimes I got frustrated to disable decent ones.

After analysing I understood that the sales were often ruined due to bad keywording. I wasn't experienced in it 4 years ago, and often used wrong words, for ex. for a picture with onions in the kitchen I could use the title "Food composition, studio, softbox" or so, which didn't describe it correctly.

I desided to check the old part of my portfolio and noticed that titles and keywords were almost all the first year inappropriate and too long. I urgently began to edit them, after which some of the old forgotten pictures got sales. But I understand this was luck and that I'll not be able to save too many pictures this way, because it will time for them to appear in new searches and they will disappear before they get noticed. To re-keyword them on paid basis or donate for free, which will enable them to stay in database even unsold I don't want.

For this reason I desided to publish some of my 4 year old pictures with no sales here. If someone needs to buy them, please, do it now. Because otherwise they will soon get unavalable. Thank you very much!

Photo credits: Julia161.

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August 23, 2012


I have received that message 5 times, and I have given those 5 images to the free section, they say that this increases your sales potential. Good luck with your images.

August 23, 2012


You could also perhaps try to reprocess them (maybe your processing skills have also improved in the last 4 years) and re-submit them with the new keywords. They might not get approved but if you have no alternative that might be your chance to keep them online...

August 22, 2012


yeah, I know what you mean with wrong keywords - luckily my wife is doing that for me and she has probably done the whole lot the third time now, because she realized she had done it in the past not the way it should be - and really sales have gone up lately because of that!

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