90% of my submittions were refused recently. edited by admin - Please do not ask refusal question in blog articles. Reply to the refusal mail and you will receive clarifications

I need to readjust myself quickly. Actually, photos for business are very different from the photos for arts. I think it's difficult for me at the beginning. Hope everything will go better in the future.

These are the only two accepted photos.


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April 07, 2008


I encountered the same problem. You must take a few minutes to think befor you shoot. if the photo you shoot can be used directly in background or the photo can express a subject specifically for some magazine or other

April 05, 2008


I had the same problem. I finally realized I was submitting everything I liked. Never considering what was worthy for the stock industry.

I took a step back and readjusted my approach. Happy to say things are going better now.

Best of luck.

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