Discovering new world...slowly

Back in summer 2009 i was so bored of these regular shots with everyday lens. So i thought i need something new. Well, as I didn't want to buy a crap, i found really good and long telephoto lenses unaffordable and decided for really "short" lenses. So, an extreme macro lens from Canon, the MP-E 60mm was ordered in ca 1 week after founded the need for something new.

Unfortunatly i haven't have much time to practice but i've got some really really awsome photos that human eye doesn't see in everyday life. There really is another small world down there ;)

But it must be mentioned, the lens is really difficult to use as well - No image stabilizer, no autofocus. Yes you read right, no autofocus - YOU ARE THE FOCUSing motor while moving yourself or the camera back-and-forward. Things get even more difficult when goning further from 1:1. If i remember correctly, then at 5:1 (yes, five times magnifications!!!) the DOF is only up to two millimeters at F16. So, any sharp image of moving object at low ISO without a flash seems like impossible..but haven't tried without a flash yet.

Anyway.. turned out to be a short lens overview..but despite of the difficult handling that requires a lot of time and patience to get great shot, once you get THE SHOT, you say 'unbelievable!'

-- neither of the sample shots here are at 5x magnification. Memory is bad, but the fly is 1:1 and the another bug maximum 3:1 --

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Photo credits: Risto Hunt.

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few more photos taken with this lens (canon mp-e65, not 60. sorry for the mistake) added to my gallery.


i've seen few 5x shots in internet. so, that fly shot i have in the blog, well the 5x would have almost only the fly's eye on the picture :)


Great shots! I've looked at this lens and wondered what something at 5x magnification would look like. It sounds great, I can't wait to see something at 5x. :0)


nice info. best wishes for you


Great informations and photos! ...and I found this article"useful".

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