Discovering the underwater world - Part I


I guess that I'm not the only one here for whom photography is a hobby. As I find it pretty obvious to combine between my hobbies the combination of photography and scuba diving open a brand new world for me.

In order to take photos underwater you need to have housing for your camera. Housing for DSLRs costs a lot of money and therefore I decided to purchase a simple point-and-shoot and a housing that fits it.

This new toy brought a whole new aspect to my dives. Taking the camera with me changed the way I'm diving, new way of looking at things, new capabilities needed from my side and new challenges.

Since I'm living in Israel I have the city of Eilat which resides just on the shore of the red sea which is one of the best places in the world for scuba diving. Around 4 hours of drive and I'm there. Summer just started in Israel and I hope to take advantage of it and dive as much as I can.

This part's images are mostly of corals. On my next part I'll describe the kind of fish you can come across while diving in Eilat.

Hope you liked my Blog,

Bye until next time... :)


Photo credits: Amilevin.

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Wow - I have never been diving - now I would like to go diving!!


nice shots what a great way to enjoy both hobbies photography is a real eye opener. It creates a whole new world that was in front of our eyes all the time but we did not see it the same way. Peter


Wow,nice shot!I like these images.


Thanks Pyfriend!!
There are more pictures, some I will publish on my next Blog.
You can find them all in my profile... :)


Oh. Very vivid and beautiful photos. I like the underwater world too.
Any other pictures?

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