Distortion, distortion, lens distortion

I nerve thought that this kind of effect impacts my picture. I thought that the image distortion exists only for the very fist digital camera like Olympia Camedia 800L that I bought more that 15 years ago.

It is still exists. Not so obvious but It can be notice when you come to the landscape or cityscape photographies. It can be seen with the lines, parallels. It make your picture having something weird or not real. For exemple: your horizon is not flat. your buildings are bulky. your cube are round etc... If you analyze closely the vertical edge line of this building from this two pictures, you can notice that the edge is not straight but a little bit curved.

Distortion not corrected

Distortion corrected

How to solve this distortion problem of your pictures. The solution is quite easy to apply. Most of the time, all the contributors use an DLSR camera and capture in RAW the pictures. Personally, I use Camera Raw with PhotoShop.

Lens correction tab -> profile -> Checked "Enable lens profile correction" -> Select "Auto" or Selection the exact lens used for your picture in the list

Thanks for reading my little tip.

Photo credits: Digikhmer.

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Great info, thanks for sharing!


Great info, thanks for taking the time to let us know.


Great photos! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for sharing


Thanks for sharing.....


Thanks FabioConcetta.

Yes Yellowind, It is not question of JPEG or RAW. Camera Raw can be used to redevelop a JPEG picture and to adjust the distortion but not all adjustments available are applicables. I do it for my old picture captured in JPEG at the time I (as a lot of beginners) used the "Green Setting" button ;) of my DSLR


Thanks for sharing Digikmer! It 'a very useful blog!


Thank's Digikhmer!

Yes, it happens, that's why it's not a question what to choose - JPG or RAW.

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