Diversity at last...

I have spent all winter working on shot indoors at playing with some ideas as well as churning out lots of shots that have probably been done a thousand times, but it has been a great learning process.

However I have been jonesing for a while to add something different to my portfolio and spring seems to have finally arrived and I will be getting on with my real life rather than spending time with my camera.

As a small holder I produce somewhere in the region of 80% of all the food and alcohol that I consume and it is great to be able to finally get outside.

We have begun planting in earnest and our chickens have begun laying eggs after their winter break and I am really looking forward to getting both suitably fed and a little creative with my photographs from the garden :)

Photo credits: Llareggub.

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March 24, 2011


Thank you all for the kind words, our chickens are extremely genrous with there eggs, we get about 3 a day at the moment but will be heading towards 6-10 a day as the year progresses :)

You seem to be a good omen Eliane as the cotton spectrum sold for the first time shortly after your comment... Don't suppose you could say how nice the other 172 are ;) lol

March 24, 2011


Must be nice real healthy chicken to give such nice eggs :-)

March 22, 2011


nice pics

March 22, 2011


Your images look great... Good luck.

March 22, 2011


Good luck :) The Cotton Spectrum is so clever :)

March 22, 2011


Nice concepts!

March 22, 2011


Great photos, congrats!

March 22, 2011


Good luck in all your activities!

March 22, 2011


Amazing photos. Well done.

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