Do not underestimate re-keywording

One month ago, after reading some of Ellen Boughn's articles about keywording and some other useful blogs giving tips about keywording I finally decided to make a full re-keywording of my images. I was postponing it for quite a long time but finally decided to make it.

With almost 400 images in my portfolio it took me about 4 days to revise every single one of them. Before getting to work I made a list of all the important hints and tips I had to pay attention at. On the top of the list I put hamburger ≠ eating, referring to one of Ellen Boughn's tips : if the image is showing a hamburger on white background keywords like eat, eating would be irrelevant. And it makes perfect sense! If someone would've wanted an image of the very action of eating he'd probably used the keyword eat or eating.

In the process of revising my images I found a lot of them having that issue with description and keywords. I had used a lot of words describing what MIGHT happen to the subject from the image, not the subject itself. So I replaced all irrelevant keywords with more descriptive ones, got rid of all "the"s and "a"s in the titles (as they don't reflect on search result) and removed all unnecessary capital letters.

And not long after, my efforts started to pay off. I started selling images which had barely any views before that, not to speak of sales. Of course, there is no way I can be 100 % sure these sales came as a direct result of the changes I made, but one thing I notice now is that more and more of my recent sales were made after searching with keywords I added during the re-keywording process.

So do not underestimate the power of re-keywording. There is always a hidden potential in it.

Photo credits: Grigor Atanasov.

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April 08, 2011


I have recently done the same thing, but I still don't see any improvement in sales and views. Might be because I didn't do a good job in rekeywording? Or does it take a longer time to pay off?

March 08, 2011


Very useful article. Thanks for sharing. Good luck!

February 11, 2011


Thanks for sharing, Grigor. As a matter of fact, I performed THE SAME JOB and also a month ago :) And right now I start to get result that is quite visible. But I noticed also that for 2 or 3 weeks after re-keywording image may dissapear from search results, at all. Not EACH image, but some ones only. One should acoount for this effect. But after 2 or 3 weeks "new life" for image starts and it is remarkable better comparing to old one... :)

February 10, 2011


You make some very good points, thanks for sharing :-)

February 10, 2011


I'm slowly working on mine but I get easily distracted!

February 09, 2011


The key words are of fundamental importance. Although I stand 'realizing.

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