Do you calibrate your monitor?

I think nobody will argue that we should have our monitor calibrated to providing accurate, reliable and consistent color since the display is the heart of our contributor in DT of our daily digital workflow.

I have bought a display calibration device called “Spyder 3 pro” for my monitors calibration, it works but not pretty well on all monitors I have, especially for the laptop (IBM T42), looks really awful after calibration, the whole screen turned to very “Green” that made me unhappy, and I do not believe that is the accurate color. But it was working fine on one of my Sony Trinitron CRT monitor, feel better after calibrated. The interesting thing is, I have two Sony Trinitron CRT monitors with different types, but only one can be calibrated well, the other one also and always give me a “green face” after calibration, no matter how many times you tried on. but not much as what the laptop looks. Confusing…

So, I’d like to know what you guys did on your monitors and what is the result. I would appreciate it if you could answer a couple of my questions below:

1.Do you calibrate your monitors?

2.What kind of device you using to calibrating your monitors?

3.How do you satisfy with the result after calibration?

4.Do you think the image administrators reviewing images in an accurate monitor? (stupid question?)

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Great idea! I will looking around in some shops and bring my image with me. Thank you so much Soukupl.


Shaja: The best way is to "try before you buy". Or do it as I did... Go to any bigger seller of pro LCDs and just take a look at them. All bigger sellers have showroom and you can see the LCD in action ;)
If you have calibrated print and corresponding TIFF, you should definitely take it with you :D


Thank you Soukupl for your detailed comment, agree with you that the most important is to make sure that the monitor match the printer. and you said your new LCD is working very well even without calibration, that really gives me a confidence to make a decision to buy a new LCD, I dont have LCD so far since I think the LCD is not accurate and not suitable for image working, but you make me change my mind. Thanks.


Creativei, you said you tried a demo in 6 monitors, I would like to know if all were LCD monitors or CRTs or mixed?


Thank you guys to comment here, it really help.


Using Spyder2 pro to calibrate my monitor(s).
My old monitors (Acer and Samsung) were hard to calibrate and the same image looks different on Acer and on Samsung... but Samsung was about 6 years old and it wasn't possible to set the RED channel as calibration SW wanted...

Now, I have one 24'' LCD - Hyundai W241D (S-PVA) and after calibration, images looks as they should. I have calibrated print (color bars) and corresponding TIFF and the image and print are exactly the same (as I can see). On my old monitors, I can saw differences between monitor and print.

btw: the image looks almost the same as on the calibrated print on the my new Hyundai monitor even without calibration.

I think, that more important is to be able to match my monitor to my printer service, so I can always see what I will get when printed... And I'm now fully "What You See Is What You Get" state ;) This is probably most important.


Well we tried a demo in 6 monitors but the result was very bad, none matched well with each other later we had to drop the idea of buying it. Well the main factor i assume is light. I'm waiting replies on this blog to get clear picture. Hey folks please comment if you are using calibrator.

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