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As a practitioner of Graphology, I have noticed that there are some people who do not dot their i dots. I have been teaching some people photography over 4 years and realised that these people generally don't like using off-camera lighting.

They prefer using the flash on top of their camera and don't like using the flash off camera with an umbrella as I normally teach them to do. For some of my classes, I have asked around and confirmed that people who like to learn lighting usually dot their i dots.

But as the numbers don't number more than 200 people over the last two months that I asked, I would like to know about anyone who likes using off camera lighting and do not dot their i dots or have any punctuation marks.

In graphology terms, people who never dot their i dots are considered ear minded or auditory people.

They remember sounds and music and are easily distracted and disturbed by noises.

They remember names well but forgets faces.

They do not like to read books, their eyes get sore easily.

They have smaller eyes with big rimmed glasses ( if bespectacled ) with quite a bit of acne or pimples on their faces and they sweat in the middle of their chest above their stomachs.

These are from my personal observations as a graphologist for the last twenty years.

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April 13, 2011


I just want to say that this blog and all of it's comments brought a huge smile to my face this morning, lol! (maybe just because i am a compulsive, obsessed i-dotter with clear skin, and no chest sweat who has trouble listening and loves to read, Ha, haaa, Haaa!) Anyway, I love your Cirque du Solei photos Wong Chee Yen! Great work!

April 13, 2011


@ mommamoon, the dot is interpreted by the position, if on to top of i stem= attention to details, if behind the i stem = procrastination, if in front =impatience and if some i-dots are missing= forgetful. For irritability = the dots are dashed like knife points forward, it means the person lifted the pen before finishing the i-dot, meaning impatience and inability to tolerate slower people. idiosyncrasy = funny looking or circular round i-dot. I don't about the loyalty factor.

April 12, 2011


i have heard that those who dot their i's also are suppose to pay close attention to details, practice procrastination, and are impatience and forgetful
Other traits are said to be: loyalty, irritability, idiosyncrasy. Do you agree?

August 05, 2010


Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

August 04, 2010


There are so many idots out there who has time to dot them all?

August 03, 2010


Generally, people who dot their i's are visual minded, they remember faces but forgets names, like to read books. They remember visual details. They get distracted visually also so should not study in front of a TV, they sweat on their upper chest area below their throat. They tend to have a slightly faster and higher pitched voice than audio minded people who have deeper voices and tones.
Missing some punctuation or visual details generally means absentminded or faster writing. Not all the details when writing slowly, as that means they prefer not to put in the dots and dashes. they think it is not important, that's why they are not visual minded people.
there is another type of people who talk with the deepest voice and generally speak the slowest, They are the kinesthetic or hand minded learning type. They remember motion and can type out the telephone number from muscle memory alone. They sometimes have falling dreams and can remember roller coasters rides. Sweats on the lower stomach area.
Most people are a mixture of visual, audio and kinesthetic learning with one stronger ability amongst the three.
visual people tend to be better generally at lighting, whether it is natural or artificial, I was just highlighting the fact that I noticed that even after I have taught them a lot of times ( over 4 years ), they tend to have the flash on the camera and forgo using flashes off camera.

August 03, 2010


I always dot "i"s, it's not an "i" if there's no dot. Prefer off-camera lighting if natural light won't do the trick but if I have to use a flash I will usually try to bounce it off a reflector or use a diffuser.

I had acne as a teen and also have been known to sweat in the chest area so perhaps I'm atypical.

August 03, 2010


From my memory of various graphology classes taken in the past, missing punctuation generally is equated to lack of attention to detail, and/or someone who writes extremely quickly. This of course probably only relates to American writers (which is what I studied). Speaking for myself, I never miss dotting my "i"s. I have good attention to detail. And I prefer not to use any extra lighting at all - just the natural light of the environment.

August 03, 2010


With THAT description who will admit to it :-D

August 03, 2010


That`s interesting! Maybe we`ll have a person who does not put the dot on his " i " and he will tell us if your conclusions are true in his case! :)

August 03, 2010


Very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

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