Do you ever suffer from "stock block"

The last few days have been terrible. I have not been able to get any decent photographs due to what I term "stock block". Have you ever just tried and tried to get the images you believe will work and when you view them you just thing....Uhg....what was I thinking.

You take a trip to your favourite spots to see if there are any other images waiting to be taken on top of the other two and half dozen you already have from those areas.

Then you realise that no matter how hard you look you just can't see anything.

Best thing to do in this case...go home...BUT...don't just sit. Just this afternoon I was really discouraged and had no idea what to do to get the creative juices flowing. I then went into every room...stood in each corner and looked...looked at everything there was to see....lo and behold...there was stock everywhere.

Basically what I am have stock images all around you in your home, your garage, your garden and if you are lucky even the bathroom :-)

Sometimes we don't really have to make so much effort in trying to capture that ONE image.

After stock photography not also about increasing your portfolio size as well with good photographs of good variety?

Cheers all and happing stocking!!



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April 22, 2012


My camera is always with me, which is why I have a high quality compact. My mind is subdivided - shooting for stock, shooting for matt and frame (I do gallery exibits and print sales), and black and white or colour. So if I am not inspired in one part of my brain, the other part will kick in. There are images everywhere...

April 20, 2012


No I do not, I can see so many stock opportunities around me... just do not be lazy to carry your camera with you everywhere!

April 19, 2012


Well.. If You are with some kids or friends, give them some cheap camera and check what they see in the same location, You might be surprised.

April 18, 2012


If i start feeling i dont know what to shoot next, i take a day off and the next day ideas start pouring in....;)

April 18, 2012


Sometimes a single malt scotch will help as well ;o K-

April 18, 2012


I have a stock block because of a lack of time, don't know if that counts? :)

April 18, 2012


I find that I'm of two minds. Either I plan the image for stock, or I go out walking and take personal shots. I rarely find I get good stock photo images without planning them... Take this shot on my blog:, probably be good as a stock shot, but the crop is too much to submit. If I wanted to get it for stock, I'd have to bring a tripod and telephoto and spend some time on it :)

April 18, 2012


Often to go for photos is like to go for fishing ... if you want to get a fish too strongly you may be disappointed with.

April 17, 2012


Oh yes.. I don't call it stock block just a creative slump!

April 17, 2012


I guess we all suffer from the same things.

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