Do you hate Tripod ?

I can honestly say that I am more disgusted with the use of a tripod. Sometimes I think his greatest use is for self-defense when you go out. :)

Tripod is too cumbersome to use, for me, can not would not.

This is help you to exercise the stability of film. :)

Unless the evening or early morning shooting at sunrise, even in the interior shot macro, I have as far as possible hand-held shooting.

This brings me to be able to flexible composition and shot fast.

There is no denying the role of a tripod, the above represents only my personal opinion.

Welcome everyone to express their views.

Here are some of my photos taken handheld at slow shutter case:

Photo credits: Sang Lei.

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Have to agree with you on this. I have one but have rarely used it. The only time it will be useful is when shooting a movie. In fact I did shoot a movie of young birds being fed by their mother. How I wished it was on a tripod as it was a bit shaky holding in my hand.
(all my pics uploaded here are hand held shots)


It's a really good theme, people are so different :) For me, tripod is very useful for evening and night shots, but I never use it for capturing an animal (even if it sleeps) or a building. I know, I should use it for panoramas and nature photos, but's a useful bad thing. :) (To tell the truth, I use it more often since I've joined to world of stock photography - helps to keep ISO on low :))


what about a monopod?


I think the tripod is very important,especially in regard to landscape and still life.


update: i adore my tripod now.
last month, i tripped after jumping over a pile of snow and twisted my ankle.that evening after working on my photos all night, i stood up to get myself ready for bed only to find my ankle had swollen and i became quite lame. the pain was excruciating, i needed crutches. thank goodness i had my tripod by my computer. it was my crutches until the ankle healed.


I like to use a tripod, but it is a hassle. Recently I got a monopod, and with it I have been able to shoot at shutter speeds of 1/8 at 70mm. By adding Nikon's VR technology, which they claim will allow you to bring the shutter speed down 3 stops, you can shoot for 1 second! Though a monopod can still slow you down, it is at least quicker and easier than a tripod and can still get you good results.


I like tripod, without it you cannot take a nice waterfall and fireworks picture. Do you agree!


i don't "hate" tripod, only that it's troublesome carrying them. it's essential for making the best photographs because time, as in slow speed makes the most impressive photographs of motion and even colour. but as many of my personal friends or students will tell you, i am a "lazy" photographer. i used to have the luxury of a student (or a girl friend), who used to come with me on photo shoots, and they were the ones who enjoyed carrying my equipment including the tripod. but i don't have that luxury anymore. they all left me after they found out i was not with them because i adore their beautiful face or body, but more i adore getting them to carry my tripod , ha!ha!


I use a tripod and also a monopod that has little feet I can put onto it. I can't always have them with me and also get lazy sometimes!


Landscape pictures or wild life pictures without tripod is like hunting without weapon. I`m the tripod man :) Like :)


Oh boy ... I have a tripod. Has been used by a friend that borrows it from me when travelling (his own tripod is much bigger than mine!). In about 3 years I've used it twice, no more.
I should to go for the monopod option, at least I could trade the extra stops for a lesser sensor ISO setting and less grain/noise. Have had a lot of pics with way too much noise lately from shooting iso400 and iso800.


I hate tripods and I usually don't use them: the nikkor VR lens and a cam with nice and clean 1600-2000 ISOs (in good light) help me a lot... in many cases tripod is simply pointless! ...but you cannot do some kind of shots without a tripod... sometimes it is necessary! I don't use HDR technique and don't make panoramic photo stitching, but I like night shots with long exposition... you absolutely cannot make them without a good tripod! When the light is not perfect, even a cam with clear 3200 ISO will probably generate a quite noisy and "soft" shot if hand-held.


I don't like to use the tripod.but it is very important.use or not use,that is a quesion.


Thank you for sharing of experience.......


I always use a tripod for the following reasons:

- try HDR processing without a tripod... won't work
- panoramic images are much better due to better cam orientation
- fine tune composition and change scene without moving the cam
- slows me down, so I can think more about my photos
- hands free for adjusting lights or other things
- better balancing long lenses
- compose and shoot without looking through the cam, so I can shoot while talking to people and looking at them
- Live View focusing on most DSLRs is only useful with steady camera on tripod

There are a lot more reasons...

I really like my Gitzo Carbon Fiber G1348, no problem carrying it around so far.


A necessary evil! I do not like dragging my tripod along and generally wish I had it. I have come to like my monopod though...not too cumbersome and gives you just enough stability!


It can be a bit awkward sometimes to carry, but can be worth it for the results, specially if you are shooting buildings and other static subjects.

Have used it quite a bit during the past year.


Yep, it is a burden to drag along with.. not to mention that it drags many attention whenever you're using it in public. However, I'm considering to get my self an ultra light/compact one someday. I can imagine what I felt if some circumstances as experienced by Fultonsphoto and Preckas happening to me. Especially, when I knew that those once in a lifetime picture could sell a lot on DT. Better prepare than sorry... (if you have a spare savings of course). IMHO.


I just recently purchased a very small tripod - a Joby Gorillapod that is very easy to use. I love it!!! But I can see how a large tripod could be a big pain.


I hate it as well but I also hate my self for not having one with me some times for late evening or night fotos. I have missed some great shots and messed up otherones becasue I was too . . lazy to drag one along.

Sometimes if I am lucky I will find a flat surface to place the camera on to take the photo . . but luck is not always there when needed!!!


A steady hand goes along way. I find setting up the tripod is a giant pain in the ahem, neck. I do use it sometimes but most of my work is outside and I have not found that I have to use it often.


Very good pictures. I hate tripod also, but have to use it sometimes.


I love tripod, some of my latest images of Majestic Burj Dubai in night is shot using Tripod.


Thank you Fultonsphoto,
Seems I need to buy a monopod.......
At the very least, it as a tool for self-defense much better than the tripod. :)


If you are shooting using studio or other artificial lighting source you may get away with not using a tripod, but when outside and taking images when lighting is very low, then a tripod is invaluable. In my latest cricket shots, the light was a lot worse that it seems on the photos, and loads of the images were blurred due to slow shutter speeds and long focal length (500mm), in this situation my monopod would have been extremely useful, but I did not take it with me. Monodpods are a great alternative.


I hope you will not forget SD cards... :)


Ups, it didn't work! Here they are!


Thank you Slei,
here are my dreamed results:
Oh, my God! That reminds me to charge the battery!


Thank you Avan,
You give me a very good proposal ,
Monopod may be more suitable for lazy people like me :)


Dear Desislava,
I wish you a pleasant use of a tripod and look forward to your masterpiece. :)

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