Do you like tea?

Westerners like to drink coffee and Chinese like drinking tea.

I like to drink green tea,particularly in the summer.

The green tea is kind of tea with most output in China,It is a kind of culture to drink tea in China,it's tea culture.It has already had a history of a thousand years.

If you have an opportunity to come to China, I hope you must go to the tea house of China, drink tea, appreciating China's tea art,I think that is a kind of special enjoyment.

Photo credits: Linqong.

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Thank you for your reply:)


Wow, what beautiful images! esp. with the pretty woman on tea ceremony :-) wonderful... I love tea - green tea. Now I have got green tea called gunpowder, wonderful tea :-) Have a lot of successes with these beautiful images! :-) and have a nice tea time! :-) BTW - I drink both, green tea, but also coffee :-)


Thank you for everyone:)


I love tea, it comes with being Irish!!


I confess I don't like much tea, now in summer it doesn't even pass to my mind but you have nice images & I like much the last one that shows how to write it in chinese, thanks ;)


Beautiful images. I love tea and drink it all the time. Must be the Brit in me :0)


I love tea but drink more cold than hot! It's usually a liquid refreshment for a hot day.


great images


Beautiful images!!!(as usual) Good luck with them

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