Do you pay your models for submitting photos here?

Do you pay your models for submitting photos here? Or some kind of profit?

Photo credits: Amnemcova.

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April 15, 2010


I often give them some beer to drink while shooting. :D

April 01, 2010


Sure, we pay the more professional models. We give a disk (TFCD) for the rest.

April 01, 2010


sure, this morning I award her the grand prize, which is , a wedding ring...
like Yuri Arcurs did with his top model.
ha!ha!... April Fool. (marry my top model? I wish !)

no seriously, yes I do give them a copy of every single selection that I use for stock.send them monthly updates of downloads, and make them composites so they can use them for their own model portfolio. and for my most proactive model(s), i share profit with them , not much from stock but 10%. i don't always write that in the MR, but I do send them a cheque whenever I can. even if they don't reach 10% of my dl. I pamper my best models, as they are usually students and don't have much. but more the reason is because they are precious to me. I enjoy their working for me and I want to maintain a long and lasting working relationship.

April 01, 2010


That´s a very interesting question! I also want to know that. Hope there will be more people with an response. ;)

March 31, 2010


Sort of - I took the kids to Hawaii :)

March 31, 2010


Yes £20 per hour. I am thinking of offering free commercial images to companies in return for their use in microstock but not certain whether this is permissible. David.

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