Do you take your camera everywhere??

I just wondered today if I am weird for carrying my camera everywhere I go...even to the grocery store?

I was inspired to write this today because I was out driving around and suddenly saw a several wild turkeys crossing the road. Despite quick parking and my best sneaky walking they all got away from me anyway!! But at least I felt good having a camera at hand.

So how about anyone out you carry yours and what exciting image has been your reward??

Here is an image of a lucky encounter I had with a box turtle.

Photo credits: Limeyrunner.

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September 16, 2007


I take my camera as much as possible.
People think i am weird when they see me with my camera all the time

September 13, 2007


only the 1.3 megapixel one in my cell phone :)

September 12, 2007


Interesting to hear peoples views on this, thanks. I should add "no turtles were injured in the taking of image". In fact she got a free ride to the other side of the road after her photo shoot ;o)

September 12, 2007


No I don't. Meaning I don't bring it to and fro when going to work. I do tend to have some type of camera with me when doing something enjoyable. Unlike Photojay I never bring it to bed or the bathroom... well sometimes to the bathroom. I hope you moved that turtle out of the road!

September 05, 2007


I take my camera everywhere I go. People think I am weird and so does my husband but I have no regrets about it. I have gotten many images that I would have missed if I had not had my camera with me.

August 31, 2007


I agree Photojay about some camera free days. I normally make myself not take the camera on certain trips/events and then I get to use my eyes for a change. But just going around locally I usually grab my car keys and then the camera.

August 31, 2007


The chamber I take with myself frequently, but not always it is possible to make a fine photo. And it happens on the contrary. The most interesting when has not grasped the chamber from a house.

August 28, 2007


i take my camera everywhere. My wife gets mad when she rolls over onto it in the middle of the night and she has told me repeatedly that I am going to get in trouble if I keep taking it to the bathroom with me. I do schedule days where I am just spending time with my family and NO camera. On those days, I take my wife's canon p&s with us to capture the fun and be more spontanious.

August 28, 2007


I do. But sometimes I miss shooting deliberately, when I want to enjoy the moment myself. Hoverer quite often I fall in shooting even when I hadn't been going to do so :)

August 20, 2007


Thanks for all your replies. I wish you many lucky AND planned shots!

August 18, 2007


I do try bringing my camera everywhere, however, I have three little children with me at all times which doesn't help when I want to stop the car quickly and run down a hill to get the perfect shot ;)

August 18, 2007


Yes I do and when I don't I always regret it :)

August 17, 2007


I try to take my camera as much as possible, but it's not always practical. I'm looking into purchasing a more compact model right now -- something I can throw in my bag to carry with me everywhere I go. :) It seems like the most opportune moments are the ones when I don't have my camera!

August 17, 2007


I don't. :) I take my camera only if I know I'll be shooting an event or environment - nature, buildings, etc. In general I don't like trying to capture those unique moments because I miss out on enjoying it. Yes, I know that limits my photo collection somehow, but at the same time I'm happy that I've got good memories. Most of the time I plan my shooting.

August 17, 2007


I try to carry my camera with me as much as possible as well. You really never know when you will find something worth capturing. Unfortunately, with this habit I find that my cameras take quite a beating with me taking them everywhere I go! Here's an example of something that I found and luckily had my camera along!


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