Do you think Stock?? Has Stock changed your eye?

Sometimes I wonder if there are people that happens the same as me. I bought my first digital camera on 2004 and I began to shoot at everything, it was so exciting! I became more and more interested in photography, until I discovered Stock photography in 2006.

I learned about it, I found DT and other agencies, I did a try at 2 or 3 but my pics were too bad, just crap. So I got a lot of frustration and began to learn how did stock works, what kind of photos should I send and what not.

And now, 3 years after I joined DT I'm still learning and fighting with rejections. But my photographic eye has changed. Now, when I take my camera and go out, I always shoot at things that maybe I would never do if I weren't into microstock.

Maybe I would shoot a lots of landscapes, portraits of my pets, flowers, beaches, sunsets, etc... the "allpaper-kind" pictures ;) beautiful and visually pleasant, but not very stock oriented ;)

However, shoot a phone cell isolated in white, medical tools isolated in white, pencils, technology, cigarettes,paper clips and a long etc

Sometimes my frends freak out when they see me making some kind of pictures like this one of pens pot

And you? Has stock changed your eye? Do yo see objects to photography at that time ago you didn't see?

Photo credits: Titania1980.

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September 09, 2009


Thank you all for your interesting opinions!we are all on the same side :)

September 09, 2009


It has and actually it bothers me somewhat becasue I still want to create art! I would like my photos to tell a storyor convey a feeling rather than just a commercial image.

September 09, 2009


Yes, I joined stock photography community in 2009. ...I would say in full crisis.

In an online Free Dictionary crisis has this definition:
" a. A crucial or decisive point or situation; a turning point.
b. An unstable condition, as in political, social, or economic affairs, involving an impending abrupt or decisive change."

So, my point is that YES, I increased my creativity with stock photography (even sometimes I shoot isolated objects). the competition is so big that we must be creative and sell very good photographies. If we really want to sell our photos we must be creative and commercial in the same time.

September 07, 2009


Yes, I'am changing my points of view. Now I see more commercial, or I try....

September 07, 2009


For sure! The one thing I like is that compared to before a lot more of my photos see the light of day. If you have thousands of great landscapes, kid photos or whatever, how much wall space do you have to display them :) Meeting the technical requirements of stock photo submittals has helped improve my other personal work, as well.

September 07, 2009


Thank you all 4 your comments and opinions :)

September 07, 2009


Stock has definitely changed the way I see and shoot things. Still, I try to ad a little creative flair sometimes to give my artistic side a release.

September 07, 2009


Sure the eyes changed. Before I wouldn't understand why people may need to shoot a pair of shoes, and now my friends don't understand from where I get the idea to shoot teabags or earphones ;)

September 07, 2009


Definitely! I've only been on here 7 months but it has made a huge difference to the way I see the world. I eat, sleep and breathe photography at the moment. If I can't get out to take photos I've usually got my nose in a book reading about it! I now look at everything as a potential photo, if not for stock then as part of another image. I was caught taking photos of the texture of my parents doormat yesterday, lol. I have definitely caught the bug :0)

September 07, 2009


OMG, Yes!!!
For me, it has changed everything. Nowadays I wake up with stock/photography and go to bed with it. Always thinking lighting, settings, methods, etc. It's a good thing I do not have a day-job, it would completely fall to pieces;)

The beauty of it is that I now see the beauty in so many things that before I did not notice. If only I could capture it the way I see it in my mind. But slowly getting there;)

I truly can say I found my passion:)

September 07, 2009


Definitely yes! I didn't start to take real commercial and stock worthy photos, because I don't find it funny, but I have started to pay attention to the background of the photo, the object, contrast, colors and the frame. Sometimes when I am looking at photographs in journals (not sharp) I am wondering why do we have to meet such a high requirements. But in the end I am glad because thanks to the high requirements in stock photography I have learned really a lot.

September 07, 2009


yes! I only realised this when I was in Sicily last July and my camera broke! the first day i was taking photos for stock .. the next day it broke, so i was left with my trusty handy pos cam, which was fab! as I know have an album of over 300 photos of laughs and moments :)

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