At doctor

Yesterday it was a terrible day,i had flu with temperature and headache and i thinking to go at doctor.So,in the morning i was at hospital.

The doctor was very nice with me :"-Good morning,how can i help you?"

"-Oh,i feel bad!"I told her what symptoms i have and she started to consult me

with stethoscope.

After that...i was in the radiology office and i did a X-ray but the X-ray result was very well and the doctor were happy.

So she told me to take all medicines she gave it to me ,to rest and eat fruits and to back at a control soon to check if i am well.

But i feel already much better.

This was just a story with my new medical photos.I hope you enjoy it.I have finally 300 uploaded photos online and soon hope to have 500....this is the 300 image

Photo credits: Gabriel Blaj.

Your article must be written in English



thank you:)


nice 'doctor' pics, good luck with them


I am sorry to hear that but i am glad because you are well now...take care of you because the winter it is close and thank you for your comment


I also thought you have a real flu :) Thanks God you hadn't !!! When I was sick one month ago, I had to stay at home 1 week and I took photos of all my pills :)
I hope you'll soon reach the 500 online files milestone!


That's good, Flu season is here, so I hope you stay healthy!


Thank you Irisangel for your comment,i feel better,it is just a story...i could not type just i have new photos so i imagined a story with a visit at doctor.:))


I hope you are feeling better, Geat images.

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