Does anyone use Skype for international calls?

Does anyone use Skype for international calls? I call Europe from the USA on my cell phone and the bill is outrageous. I am wondering if anyone has had any success using Skype or any other similar programs?


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i use skype, we do videl calls with my family in the states, its great!!


I have used Skyp for about 4 years for International, National and local calls and I don't need my computer to be switched on!. I have a Philips VOIP 841 black box which connects directly into my broadband modem/router and with this box I have two mobil handsets allowing me to make and receive calls while walking around my home. International calls Skype to Skype are free, International calls to a landline are charged at the local rate in the country you are calling. I call Australia and Spain on a fairly regular basis. Also a great way to send files, much quicker than attached to an email. Never a problem providing you have a decent bandwidth on your broadband. My broadband downloads at 6.2 Mbits per second and upload at 384Kbits per second.


I've used it both from Japan and back to Japan to cell phones and 'land' lines. Seemed to work much better than when I used it a few years ago - and definitely cheaper! I was very happy with the quality - suitable for business use.


Yeah I use Skype for international calls, I call India everyday from UAE, And I call my clients outside UAE using this. Also you can USA toll free for free from other countries.

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