Does making blogs help on your sales?

Hi, I

In average I'm selling one image per day, but this is what has happened everytime I created a blog:

25 feb 2010 - Sales 3

27 Feb 2010 - Sales 3

10 mar 2010 - Sales 3

11 Mar 2010 - Sales 3

19 Mar 2010 - Sales 8

Of course tomorrow I will let you know how I do after this blog....

Photo credits: Enrique Gomez.

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there is really no proven attachment between writing blogs and increased sales. but as Mani and Jutmeyo agreed, any form of positive participation within the Dreamstime community cannot do anything but help our portfolio.
eg 1.. I have met some contributors who visited my blog to say they are buyers as well, and would not have found me had I not started to blog.
eg 2.. every time we write a useful blog , the Editor will award you a credit. some of us will use that to download our favorite images from amongst our friends list.
eg 3. . a blog with your latest images, or your most popular images
.. will give exposure to visiting readers and yes, indeed, they might just happen to notice you have a useful image that they would have not discovered if it was simply through the keyword search, as you know
not every image is placed on the first page .
So, YES.. it could be helpful. But more so, it's always fun to see your regular friends visiting your blog and each time you see another new face.
Whatever, it always leads to something positive.
keep smiling.. SALUDOS EFUSIVOS !


Maen have right:)


Any section that helps to expose your work or your name helps, that's why they are here! Your images also could speak for them selves!
Try to write useful blogs or sharing useful info that calls the attention.
Nice work! Cheers :)


For further information on this topic have a look to my blog (success due to blogging):

Have a good time :)


I think it can help directly, it is like you were saying hello, I am here with my pictures, you make yourself more visible at least for short time.


So far... I'm doing very welll..... 3 hours after this blog was made and I have 3 new sales......... : )


No , but it helps sharing ideas with others. I dont think that designers read blogs before they buy an image.


I will give it another try myself to test your theory ! Good idea. David.


Looks like I need to blog more....I need to come up with something to blog about!!


I have a few sales yet, but I think to write a blog can be useful. I enjoy it and I try to improve my English :-)


Same with me. Any activity helps. And most of sales are n/a.

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