Does my way of doing violate the rules?Concerning 3dsmax!

I use the other people's model, these models comes from a network, I afresh picture(material), and photograph with the different angle, in the vray.Does my way of doing violate the rules?

Other problems:

(1)Does the 3d-model own copyright?

(2)I use the model of others and take a picture with the different angle, does the copyright of picture belong to me?

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March 14, 2010


I'd read at first the rights and rules before submitting the manipulated images of other photographers. You must have your own shot in order to sell it. Can you imagine I spend 100s of dollars for each project and somebody just taking my image, play with it in photoshop or some graphic program and sell?

March 13, 2010


Yes you are!
All images downloaded from microstocks for example are not to be used for any reselling eventually! Manipulating these images & selling them under your name could cause you harmful consequences if the sources are copy righted!
I can't advise you about 3D models but I think it applies the same!
Contact the support for clear answers! ;)

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