Does size matter?

They say size doesn't matter. It's all in the technique.

And while I'd hate to complain about a sale there are two size issues that irk me. Let me know if you agree, disagree, never thought about it or if I'm just being irked over nothing.

Size Irk #1: Sub + Max

The slightly annoying sale is a Sub sale at "Maximum". Doesn't that irk you? I just seems like your image is being given away especially when the buyer seems that the really, really want it and want for something really good. I can't image a "Maximum" being used for a blog, the buyer must have something really cool in mind. Now granted if I was buying with a subscription I suppose I'd try to grab the largest size available also. But man that seems like a lot of file for very little cash. Hands in the cookie jar so to speak.

Size Irk #2: Cr + XS

Credit sale and "Extra Small". Here is a case where someone is buying your image at the least possible price point. Now in the past I assumed that this would mean the image is good for nothing better than a small Internet ad or a web page button.

But then I ran across a blog entry from a designer/image buyers who was going on about how a certain microstock agencies' (not DT) extra small images were big enough for use in presentations.

That made me wonder if the images offered here in the extra small size are truly XS because I certainly get a lot of sales in this size.

The megapixels go up in our cameras but the requirements of web pages or presentations stay the same (especially when more and more presentation are given on smaller screens such as iPads). Are microstock agencies giving too much away in these smaller sizes? I hope someone is watching the sales figures across each size. If the XS size is growing at the expense of larger sizes then its time to make some adjustments.

What do you think?

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August 09, 2012


thanks for sharing.

August 05, 2012


You're right, thanks for sharing.

August 03, 2012


I am 10000000000000000% agree! Size matters for the subscriptions.

August 02, 2012


You're really right....

August 02, 2012


thanks for discussing this - I was already wondering about the size thing with subscriptions for rather a while - especially because probably every 2nd of my sales is a subscription and half of those mid or max size - and yes the blueberries do look delicious - I used to collect them straight out of the forest but now here in Australia I have to collect them from the shopping centre and they aren't half as good

August 02, 2012


I do not really mind getting the same for smaller or bigger subscription sales, because the work I had was the same. But I do prefer receive more than less, so, I prefer credit sales (obviously).
If I was buying subscription images, I would pick bigger size and would resize it as needed.

August 02, 2012


I think those blueberries look gooooood!

August 02, 2012


I'm in with you on that one too, I've never sold an additional format except as a subs sale, and that hurts, thankfully I get the odd TIFF sale that brings in a lot of credits.
I have a feeling that designers who buy subscription plans download the big format just in case whereas people who buy on credits pay more attention to the size needed for their project, but that's just a guess. Hard to tell if limiting the subscription sales to smaller formats would actually influence positively our earnings, but still it is demotivating to see maximum extra large and particularly additional sales at 42c - especially now that levels don't even matter in case of subs sales!

August 02, 2012


I totally agree with you. 7 out of my ten sales are subscription sales, and all of them were sold in either MAXIMUM, EXTRA LARGE or ADDITIONAL format and that is a bit annoying. Can't help but feel my work is given away for almost for free.

August 02, 2012


peanutroaster: See some articles onthe MicroSockdiarees concerning this.

August 01, 2012


I guess I'm of the completely opposite opinion - that size should NOT matter. There is little relation between size and usage. While there is no question a larger file size supports printing larger, I can't think of any reason I should be paid less because my image will be used in a presentation or blog (which might have a huge audience) versus a poster for a local community group.

The fact that sub buyers go for the max size is surely that they may need it later, even if they don't need it now. Keep in mind that a sub buyer has paid a lot more out than most credit buyers...not per image unless they don't use up most of the sub.

Personally, I've never really understood why file size is so important to contributors. Price is another matter altogether - I'm not arguing everything should be priced at the XS size. To the contrary I think prices should be a bit higher, but the same for all sizes... I don't follow why a sub buyer...

August 01, 2012


Yes its pathetic............ all that work plus say buying a bunch of flowers for $10. When you are new to microstock the learning process seems good compensation but really you are investing time and money for a long term return............... ruined by 45 cents subscription sale. David.

August 01, 2012


Fotosenmeer - Easy to give away someone else's effort it seems!

August 01, 2012


It even gets worse when some (FT and 123xx) are giving away the extended license options with the sub license. For this reason only I 'm quiting both FT and 123xx

August 01, 2012


i had my first subscription sale at max resolution, and I was certainly disappointed that this larger size did not give me more earnings. I have become rather disappointed in the whole subscription thing in general, because I feel like I am getting cheated out of money, Granted, it is only a few cents, but that adds up! Sure, offer subscriptions, but at least make the sizes matter!

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