Dog Adoption Photography: Geronimo

Chocolate Labrador mix breed dog wagging tail

A pet photographer’s tools? Let me see… camera, lens, tripod, memory card… Yes, all that is needed. But don’t forget the essentials: harmonica, squeaky toy and treats! My photo bag is stuffed with all kinds of toys that make high pitched squeaks and sounds to get a dog’s attention! And it usually works.

Geronimo was turned in stray to the animal control shelter on April 10, 2019. After six days, no owner had come to claim him and no adopter had expressed interest. So it was time for some outdoor glamour photos!

Geronimo was a calm boy that didn’t have too much facial expression in the first photos. But pulling out my trusty dog squeaky toy, I got some decent head tilts out of him. The expressions must have worked because Geronimo was rescued the next day by Atlanta Lab Rescue! His rescue was sponsored by generous donations to the rescue from Polly, Lorraine and Anne.

Chocolate Labrador mix breed dog panting tongue

Photo credits: William Wise.

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June 24, 2019


Thanks Joe! 

June 19, 2019


Photography's greatest asset is putting a face onto something that people can relate to and drawing in the viewer to a world they might not see otherwise. We have rescue animals in our home and what you are doing helps solve the animal rescue problem. Great capture, thanks for the tips. 

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