Dog Photography

Hi everyone,

I am an amateur photographer. My family also happens to own a Kennel Club named Joshberg Kennels. We breed Labrador Retrievers, Daschunds and Pugs.

For the purpose of advertising and sale, I am often involved in outdoor DOG photography. Grown up dogs need to be photographed in the outdoor and puppies need to be photographed indoor. We prefer to photograph puppies indoor because it is easy to put them on a table and photograph.

We need to photograph dogs in the perfect stacking position which will reveal the qualities and features of the dog. This is a work of patience as not every dog is willing to stack itself in the perfect position on its own.

Photographing a dog in action is a lot easier than photographing dog in a stacked position. Basically for advertising and sale purpose we need two types of photos (1) a side profile of the dog and (2) a front profile.

You have to be very attentive to get perfectly stacked side profiles and front profiles of the dog. This photo is an example of one of the best front profiles showing the shape of the head and ears.

For this purpose I use Nikon N80, Sony DSC H5 and a Sony DSC H50. For photographing grown up dogs I prefer the SLR but for photographing puppies I usually prefer a Digital. Using digital for puppies allows me to shoot more and more as puppies refuse to stack.

Using continuous shooting mode is an option but it is not always accurate. Instead using high shutter speed helps.

This is in general my experience with dog photography.

Please tell me if you like the photograph and also my experience with dog photography.

Photo credits: Abhijeet Joshi.

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August 14, 2008


cool shot ~
very haughty looking doggie ~ :)

August 14, 2008


nice shot, he looks beautiful!

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