Dog Photography - 5 Tips for Improving Images

Photographing man's best friend can be challenging. Below you will find 5 tips which could help you improve your images:

1.Camera Settings: Dogs are moving subjects. They rarely stand still for pictures. Select short shutter speeds to help freeze the action. Its very disappointing to find your prized photograph isn't what you expected because your weren't able to get the focus correct. The image on the left used a shutter speed of 5/10000! The resulting effect is a sharp image which stops the action.
© Tinka

2. Setting: Dog photos are more exciting when shot in the dog's home environment. If the dog is a herder, than go outside and catch them at work. Indoor dogs love toys and attention. Capture them being playful or lounging on the couch, as in the image displayed below. The image on the left is a great head shot of a dog bringing in the morning paper.

3. Shot Angle: Get low and shoot up at these animals. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results. Lowering yourself to the dog's level gives a very unique perspective and amounts in some amazing shots. By getting low and shooting up beautiful sky backgrounds can be incorporated into the photograph like the examples seen below.

© Armonn

4.Lighting: Shooting outdoors, pay careful attention to time of day and sunlight. A great photograph can be easily ruined by harsh lighting or dark shadows. Meter and expose for the sky and then use a fill flash for the main subject. By doing this you will reduce overexosure or blown out highlights.

5. Expression: Dogs are very expressive. Some tilt their head to the side, others raise their ears. Discover what makes your subject alert and attentive. Try capturing them when they are expressiving themselves in compelling ways. Holding their favorite toy or treat can help evolk these looks. Be sure and put your focus on the subjects eyes and FILL the frame!

© B2d
© Mikdam

Photo credits: Anke Van Wyk, Noam Armonn, Denis Babenko, Badlatitude, Mikael Damkier, Sgcallaway1994, Starblue, Tina Rencelj.

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March 02, 2009


what a beautiful blog! I like so much to take photos of our golden retriver and it is always a "thrilling" if he will make his best expression :-)

March 02, 2009


I love the B2d picture where a person shows standing in the background. That's so lively picture. But I like also your other pictures.

March 01, 2009

Danielleongjinonn like...your much.....:)

March 01, 2009


Great advice. I especially agree with number 2, it is essential to capturing their true character.

October 15, 2008


Thanks! I hope it was useful to you.

October 14, 2008


beautiful! so lovely...

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