I have 3 dogs,2 Great Dane :Rocky and Primo(brothers)and Ralph( He is a half-breed,his mother a German Shepherd had an adventure with a Rottweiler).Ralph is the smallest but most intelligent and is also the chief,Rocky is gluttonous and bullies and Primo it is very calm and obedient .

So i thinking to make them photos.I called Rocky first...(i could not call them all because they are 3 ...and they are nervy).Rocky not wanted in any way to stay in studio,maybe the background photo not liked....maybe the paper from background...He was scary and not wanted anything,not even food.

So i called next Primo...

Wow,what a surprise,Primo it looks like a professional model.He did what i asked...i liked.

After Primo ,next were Ralph ......but i could not make him to many photos because he is very nervy and love me to much...he wanted to stay with me not in my photos(hehehe) but he dancing a little and i could make few shots.They all have different personality but i am lucky because they are good dogs.I hope soon to can make a shot with all my 3 dogs.

Thank you for let me share my photos dogs with you.

Photo credits: Gabriel Blaj.

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You lab puppy it is very cute too.Thank you Jennie and wait your chocolate lab photos here .:)


Thank you Cleaper!


Thank you violeta!he is really cute and love all people...if someone come to me he only try to receive caresses...


Great shots - you have inspired me to try and get my chocolate lab to "pose" for me!


beautiful dogs...and photos!


Ralph is so cute! :)


Thank you Marilyn:)


Very handsome dogs and great shots!

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